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mind maps of history: Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci

Digital History and Humanities

Digital history and humanities have a new venue in WisdomMaps, a new take on an old idea: mind maps. These are not “maps” in the usual sense of the word, but a new way of inter-relating information to create meaning… all in a multimedia-rich environment. Mind maps were first created in the Near East some 2,000 years ago, and more recently popularized by Leonardo da Vinci during the Renaissance. WisdomMaps brings Leonardo’s brain-child into the 21st century with a new generation of digital history and humanities. They show how the elements of history fit together in terms of cause and effect, meaning and implications, shared concept, historical parallels, and more. From there, the learner is brought to an understanding of the unity of knowledge along with its insight, creative thinking, and solutions. 

WisdomMaps have been used in colleges and universities throughout the United States since 2014. The results have been most impressive. Courses are now available for all disciplines of college- and high school-level history and religion, and you’ll find a list of those courses in Our Courses.

Exporting American Higher Education

As a multi-lingual learning management system, the patented model that we have developed for teaching history can be used to teach any subject. That subject can be taught at any level, primary school through Ph.D. And, it can be taught in any language to students anywhere in the world. This would enable any academically-qualified student to earn an American college degree, without the need for any command of English and without the need to come to the United States to study. It would enable an American college to enroll as many international students as it likes, without incurring any significant costs. Interested? Please see our proposal in A Key to the Global Educational Market.

The WisdomMaps Collection

Click on any of the images in the Sampler Gallery below to open a map and begin to wander and wonder. The WisdomMaps collection includes several thousands of maps that range through all aspects of the world’s story and its people and cultures. And each of the maps is replete with a galaxy of multimedia. We invite you to join us as we redeem history from the dustbin of traditional learning and bring it into the 21st century (where even history deserves a place!), and we welcome you to…

WisdomMaps: The Future of the Past

Click an image below to display its map in your browser!

(P.S. the maps are best viewed on desktops… the more screen size, the more you’ll love them!)

P.P.S. When you click a map, it will take you to MindMeister, the third-party app that I use to run the maps. You’ll then be presented with the usual permission slip to click okay on per their cookies policy before you access the map. No worries. MindMeister is solid. Based in Germany, they have 20 million users worldwide, and their software is 4.5/5 on the App Store (I’ve been using it for 15 years). You’ll love their stuff.

Vitruvian Man

Course Samples

Here’s where you’ll find sample maps for each of our many courses on all subjects of history (and more)… please enjoy!

Our Courses


Near East/Middle East

Ancient Egypt | Ancient Near East | Persia

Ottoman Empire | Modern Middle East | Judaism


Early Africa | Colonial Africa | Modern Africa

The Americas

Early Americas | Colonial Latin America | Modern Latin America


China | Japan | Korea | India | Southeast Asia

The Pacific

Australia and New Zealand | Pacific Islands | Hawai’i


Ancient Greece | Ancient Rome

Byzantine Empire

Pre-Modern West

Late Antiquity | Middle Ages | Renaissance | Reformation | Global Empires | Scientific Revolution | 17th Century West | 18th Century West | Enlightenment | French Revolution | Industrial Revolution | Russia | The West 1800 – 1850 |  The West 1850 – 1871 | The West 1871 – 1894 | The West 1894 – 1914

Modern West

The Great War | Inter-War Years | World War II | Cold War | Modern Europe

United States

Early United States History

Modern United States History

African-American History

World Religions

Ethical Philosophy

a key to global education: Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci

WisdomMaps is now open as a paid subscription service. Please subscribe for access our entire collection. I’m Terrence Monroe, and you can reach me with any comments or questions at:

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