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mind maps of history: Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci

WisdomMaps are a new take on the old idea of “mind maps”. Invented in the Near East 2,000 years ago and popularized by Leonardo da Vinci as a way to unify knowledge, mind maps work by emulating the thought processes of the human mind. Because of their non-linear design, WisdomMaps go where linear thinking cannot. They show how information fits together to create meaning in a multimedia presentation of pictures, videos, websites, and more. Images make it easy to retain information because they tell a story. And good story-telling is important in learning history.

WisdomMaps bring Leonardo’s brain-child into the 21st century, since it’s time that history finds a way that works for today’s visual learners. Join us as we redeem history from the dustbin of traditional learning and bring it into the 21st century… where even history deserves a place!

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Click on any of the links in the Sampler Gallery below to open a map and begin to wander and wonder. The WisdomMaps collection includes several thousands of maps that range through all aspects of the world’s story and its peoples and cultures.

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Near East/Middle East

Ancient Egypt | Ancient Near East | Persia

Ottoman Empire | Modern Middle East | Judaism


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Late Antiquity | Middle Ages | Renaissance | Reformation | Global Empires | Scientific Revolution | 17th Century West | 18th Century West | Enlightenment | French Revolution | Industrial Revolution | Russia | The West 1800 – 1850 |  The West 1850 – 1871 | The West 1871 – 1894 | The West 1894 – 1914

Modern West

The Great War | Inter-War Years | World War II | Cold War | Modern Europe

United States

Early United States History | Modern United States History | African-American History

World Religions

Christianity | Judaism | Islam | Religions of India | Chinese Social Philosophy | Religion in Japan | Other Dimensions of World Religions

Ethical Philosophy

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