WisdomMaps: The Future of the Past

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From students…

“I truly enjoyed this class and professor. I was able to attend the first video meeting and it was very helpful to go over what was expected for the class. The powerpoint and wisdom maps allowed me to go into the subtopics that interested me and I didn’t stress about doing it right or wrong to get a grade. I just enjoyed learning from myself and then from my classmates which gave me a different perspective on each country. I enjoyed using wisdom maps and wish more classes/professors would use them. Least stressful class and I learned more in this class than most. Thank you and keep up teaching this way!”

“I wish professor Monroe would teach more history classes. I appreciate the way the class is taught; in my opinion, the Wisdom Maps provide a whole new, creative way of learning which is easy and fun at the same time. Thank you, professor Monroe.”

“Mr. Monroe was a fantastic teacher! The use of Wisdom Maps was very neat and helpful, presenting world history in this way made me quite interested in the subject, for before the class I was not a fan of history courses. I actually enjoyed making a journal for submission every week. Mr. Monroe sent me the course syllabus, upon my request, weeks before class began so I could start studying earlier. He was very understanding to the fact that I am in my third trimester, taking a full load of courses, and work a part-time job. Thank you Mr. Monroe, God bless you.”

“I had an amazing experience with professor T. Monroe! One of the coolest instructors I’ve met so far! Thanks to this course, I’m actually thinking about changing my minor or double major in History. Thank you, prof. Monroe! I hope that we meet in future classes.”

“The way this course is taught is new and fun. It truly gives students control over their learning and I absolutely love it. I wish more courses were taught this way.”

“This was one of the best history courses I have ever taken! It was a really innovative and outside the box approach to learning history that resulted in cultivating my curiosity for the subject unlike ever before! Unlike most teachers which just teach to a textbook and to tests, Professor Monroe’s innovative course allowed me and other students to take this topic and run with our curiosity which I personally feel results in MUCH more learning and more solid comprehension beyond the course than traditional methods. I liked it so much that I even tried to look for other courses taught by Professor Monroe for next semester for the next segment of this two-part course (with no such luck unfortunately!).”

“Great professor! Made the class fun, helping us interact with fellow students while learning.”

Professor Monroe provided an excellent learning experience that engaged and guided me into a more in depth study of history.”

“I love taking Professor Monroe classes. He just makes History so much more interesting for me. I gain so much knowledge from his classes that I actually retain and makes me want to learn more. His classes make want to take time on my own and just research further than what is assigned to us with the way he teaches. I couldn’t ask for a better professor.”

“The method of instruction used in this course encourages student engagement and participation that you will not find in a tradition classroom, much less an online class. The Wisdom Maps that guide the student through the subjects of history lead to much more interesting research on many different topics than reading forced assignments from books does. I cannot say enough about this amazing tool and the unique work that comes from students who are using it. Learning visually, as this method encourages, has been a motivating factor for me because it’s so enjoyable. I hope Mr. Monroe continues to offer more courses in this manner at Troy Online.”

“At first I was a bit apprehensive at the course curriculum and the required assignments. I didn’t think I would learn anything by creating power-point presentations, but I was very wrong. The required reading and research was pivotal to assignment completion and I learned a lot in the interim. Thank you for this teaching method.”

“I LOVED Dr. Monroe’s outlook on teaching, I very much enjoyed the new way of learning through wisdom maps. I found it a little intimidating at first, but as the semester progressed I found myself spending extra hours just looking through all the information on my free time for fun. I really enjoyed this class and I just think his approach to teaching it made it that much better.”

“Wisdom maps and journals were extremely effective in engaging me and holding my interest.”

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