History of Colonial Africa

History of Colonial Africa

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The history of colonial Africa began with the arrival of the Portuguese. They were the first Europeans to enter the slave trade in the late 15th century. They traded for slaves at first, and for 400 years, they limited their involvement to trading stations on the African coast. From there, they sent slaves to Europe, often as household servants, and later to Brazil as plantation slaves. Few slave traders dared venture inland from the coast, deterred by disease and hostile tribes in the interior. But technology helped to overcome these obstacles. Increasingly lethal weaponry was developed that included repeating rifles, the Maxim machine gun, and artillery. And the discovery in 1854 of quinine provided an effective preventative of malaria. Diseases such as yellow fever, sleeping sickness, leprosy, yaws, and most of all, malaria, made Africa a very challenging environment for Europeans.

There were compelling motives for Europe’s conquest of Africa. Raw materials were needed for the industries of the Industrial Revolution. The prestige of owning African colonies showed strength to rivals, and missionaries spread Christianity. This culminated in the Scramble for Africa among European empires in the 19th century, whether for raw materials, strategic prominence, or as part of an effort to develop enduring colonies.

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