History of Ancient Egypt

History of Ancient Egypt

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The history of ancient Egypt has it that “All men fear time, but time fears the pyramids.” Indeed, the Great Pyramids at Giza are but the cornerstone of an astonishing architectural heritage on display throughout the great length (but slender breadth) of the River Nile. As part of this, Egypt gave us a wealth of tomb treasures and mystical literature. For example, its poetry is as subtle as the pyramids are grand, and the Book of the Dead guided spirits on their journey to the Isles of the Blessed. As a matter of fact, Egyptian religion was filled with deities that included sun gods, river and land gods, animal gods, and sacred plants.

Life was harsh for the slave labor force that built the dreams of the master builders. In contrast, life for peasants was more benign, and crops flourished in the rich delta soil, renewed each year by the gentle and predictable flooding of the Nile. As a result, Egypt’s urban dwellers enjoyed peace and prosperity (and many indulgent practices). What’s more, it enjoyed security, thanks to the vast stretches of desert that insulated and protected Egypt. In this way, the centuries went by as pharaohs held sway over a civilization that looked to them as the arbiters of the universal clockwork-mechanism that would always provide, much as the Nile did. But eventually, the relative stability of the Old and Middle Kingdoms gave way to foreign adventure and a taste for empire. This brought conflict and conquest by the Hyksos and Sea People, and the ruin of this magnificent civilization.

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Middle Kingdom: Twelfth Dynasty

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Power: Empire

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