History of America 1782-1800

History of America 1782-1800

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The history of America 1782-1800 begins with the Treaty of Paris, signed on September 3, 1783. This formally ended the Revolutionary War and established the independence of the United States. In consequence, the United States acquired most of British territory east of the Mississippi River and south of the Great Lakes, while the British kept northern Canada and Spain took Florida.

Tensions over the lingering British presence in its former territories, British impressment of American sailors, and fishing rights led to the War of 1812. This was fought with no real conclusion. The Constitutional Convention of 1787 wrote the United States Constitution, which was ratified in state conventions only after extensive and acrimonious debate. The constitution created a federal government with three branches (executive, judiciary, and legislative) and built-in checks and balances. George Washington was elected the new nation’s first president. A Bill of Rights, comprised of the first ten constitutional amendments and guaranteeing the fundamental civil rights that had motivated the revolution, was adopted in 1791.

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Articles of Confederation

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The Constitution

Constitutional Debate

Constitutional Debate: New York


New Consciousness

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Rebellion: Ohio Country

Rebellion: Shays’ Rebellion

Rebellion: Whiskey Rebellion

State Republican Governments


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George Washington

George Washington: Governance

Alexander Hamilton

Bank of the United States

John Adams

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